The St. Lawrence County Seat

Supervisor Declares State of Emergency

March 18, 2020

On Wednesday, March 18, in response to the coronavirus threat, Supervisor Mary Ann Ashley declared a State of Emergency in the Town of Canton. In a statement Supervisor Ashley said:

“The purpose of a state of emergency is to give municipalities additional avenues to govern due to an emergency. We have closed the municipal building to the public and adjusted labor schedules by 50% for the health and safety of our staff and to protect the public. I have also put a spending freeze in place.

As expected, this pandemic has started to negatively impact our revenue sources. Town Court is closed down by the state for a little over a month. We will be losing an average of $25,000 dollars in revenue. Sales tax revenue will be impacted. Should federal funds become available, a state of emergency will have had to be declared prior to application for funds.

It is critical to be calm as we navigate this storm together. I expect it is going to get worse and know that we will continue taking care of one another. This is a true test of humanity.”

Last modified: March 18, 2020

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