The St. Lawrence County Seat

Clerk’s Office

Municipal Building
60 Main Street
8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday

Phone: 315-386-2871 Fax: 315-386-1361

Village Clerk/Treasurer/Registrar
Sally Noble
[email protected]





Sharon Brunet

[email protected]

Deputy Clerk
Megan Mousaw
[email protected]





Deputy Treasurer
Melinda Pearson

[email protected]
If you are looking for a disposition for a ticket that happened in the Village of Canton prior to 2012. Please fill out the disposition request form, copy of your license and check/money order for $5.00.

Hawking Permits:
For the definition of Hawking Permit (click here)

Month- $25.00
Year- $100.00

Items Required:
Liability Insurance listing the Village of Canton as Certificate Holder
Department of Health Permit
Written Permission from the Property Owner (if on private property)


Please submit the required items along with the application to the Village Office.

Winter Parking Permits: Parking Permits are required for overnight parking in the back parking lot off Riverside Drive from November 30th through March 31st.

Permit fees:
Monthly- $30.00
Two Months- $55.00
Season- $110.00

To receive a parking permit please come to the Village Clerk’s Office and bring your license and car registration.

For more applications/forms/permits click here.