The St. Lawrence County Seat

Village Boards and Committees

Village Board

Mayor: Four-Year Term – Elected   (Term Ends)
Michael Dalton  (12/4/2023)

Village Trustees: Four-Year Term – Elected

Beth Bullock Larrabee (12/5/2021)*
Klaus Proemm (12/5/2021)*
Carol Pynchon (12/4/2023)
Anna Sorensen (12/4/2023)

*three-year terms because of law change

Board Committees
Economic Development Committee – Pynchon & Sorensen
Finance Committee – Dalton & Pynchon
Infrastructure Committee – Dalton & Proemm
Public Safety – Larrabee & Sorensen
Recreation Committee – Pynchon & Larrabee
Shared Services – Pynchon & Proemm
Communications and Technology  – Pynchon & Sorensen

The following Village committees welcome participation. Contact the Mayor or another member of the Village Board (above) if you’d like to get involved

Complete Streets
Recreation Committee
Sustainability Committee
Tree Committee
Economic Development Steering Committee

Village Attorney: Annual – Appointed
Gerald Ducharme


Planning Board: Five-Year Term – Appointed
Barry Walch – Chairperson (12/5/2022)
Charles Rouse (12/4/2023)
Kara McLuckie (12/1/2025)
Jessica Sierk (12/1/2025)
Chris Rotramel (Indefinite)

Zoning Board of Appeals: Five-Year Term – Appointed
Conrad Stuntz, Chairperson (12/1/2025)
Barbara Beekman (12/1/2023)
Caitlin (Cati) Gollinger (12/5/2022)
Debbie Gilson (12/6/2021)
Mike Snow (12/1/2024)
Andy Whittier – Alternate

Housing Authority: Five-Year Term – Appointed
Tricia Pethic (3/31/2022)
Breyne Moskowitz (3/31/2023)
Desiree LeBoeuf (3/31/2024)
Keith Zimmerman (3/31/2025)
Sara Hutcheson (3/31/2026)

Board of Ethics


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