The St. Lawrence County Seat

Open Community Recreation Activities: Tennis

Location: Priest Field, 8 Judson Street (Behind SLC Social Services)

The tennis courts are shared use along with four pickleball courts. Two people can easily move the pickleball nets to the side of the fence. Priority hours of both pickleball and tennis are listed below. If players from priority sport arrive and courts are in use, non-priority sport must vacate within 15 minutes. Any time not listed in priority hours are available first come first serve. If others are waiting to use a court, please limit your tennis time to 45 minutes (singles) or 1 hour (doubles). Please share the space so all can enjoy it! Reservations for special events are available through the Canton Recreation Department and take precedence over all public hours.

Tennis Priority Hours:

4pm – 9pm on Monday and Wednesday

8am – 2pm on Saturday

2pm – 9pm on Sunday

Pickleball Priority Hours:

4pm – 9pm on Tuesday and Thursday

2pm – 9pm on Saturday

8am – 2pm on Sunday