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Village of Canton Seeks Volunteers for Public Safety Community Engagement Committee

August 17, 2021

The Village of Canton Public Safety Committee invites any Canton resident interested in serving on the newly established Community Engagement Committee to complete this interest form (also available in the Village Clerk’s office, 60 Main Street, Canton).

The Community Engagement Committee is being created in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee that responded to the NYS Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Executive Order 203. The Committee met during 2020-2021 and, based on feedback from the Canton community and in dialogue with the Canton Village Police, developed a plan to strengthen the community-police relationship and address any bias in policing.

One recommendation was to constitute a group of community members who would continue this collaborative work by meeting at least quarterly to discuss public safety challenges and opportunities with the Chief of Police and municipal leaders. The Committee will also plan community events that will allow community members and police to interact with one another (examples might include BBQ’s with the college campuses, community picnics, forums, etc.).

The Public Safety Committee (Trustees Beth Larrabee and Anna Sorensen) seeks eight to ten Canton community members who represent a broad spectrum of constituencies. Committee composition will be based on applicants’ interests and affiliations; the goal is a balanced representation of community constituencies and perspectives. We anticipate that the first Community Engagement Committee will create group processes to guide its work.

Interest forms must be submitted by Monday, Sept. 13.


Contacts: Anna Sorensen

Beth Larrabee


Last modified: August 17, 2021

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