Solar Information

Rich Road Solar Project

The Rich Road Solar Project includes the following roads…

  • U.S. Route 11
  • Old Dekalb Rd
  • Old Route 11
  • Rich Rd
  • Miner Street Rd
  • Jingleville Rd
  • Irish Settlement Rd

The Rich Road Solar Project is a 94-c Application (State Project)

Major Renewable Energy Development (the “94-c Process”), which is intended to establish an expedited review process with uniform permit standards for New York State renewable energy projects in place of the procedures set forth in Article 10 of the Public Service Law (“Article 10”).

The Act creates a newly-established Office of Renewable Energy Siting (“ORES”), within the New York State Department of State, as part of the 94-c Process to provide a single forum for the environmental review and permitting of proposed major renewable energy facilitates, which includes renewable energy systems with a nameplate generating capacity of 25,000 kilowatts or more, co-located energy storage systems, and electric transmission facilities less than 10 miles in length. Additionally, while Article 10 applications that have received a completeness determination will be deemed complete under the new 94-c Process, the Act allows projects currently undergoing the Article 10 siting process to either remain in Article 10 or opt-in to the new expedited process established under Executive Law Section 94-c. The rules and regulations adopted by the ORES will include an expedited permitting process to account for matters and issues already presented and resolved in the alternate Article 10 proceedings.

Under the 94-c Process, the ORES will “establish a set of uniform standards and conditions for siting, design, construction and operation of each type of major renewable energy facility.” The Act further provides that where site-specific environmental impacts cannot be addressed by the uniform standards and conditions, ORES will draft site-specific conditions to address environmental impacts; and where the uniform and site-specific conditions do not completely address the environmental impacts, and ORES determines that mitigation may be achieved off-site, ORES may require payment of a fee by the applicant to achieve such off-site mitigation. The Act also authorizes the ORES to conduct hearings and dispute resolution proceedings, issue permits, and adopt any necessary implementing rules, regulations and procedures regarding the same.

Comments/Concerns can also be directed to “ORES”

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Community Solar Projects

The sighting process for community solar projects are administered through the Town of Canton Planning Board.

Community solar provides New Yorker’s with the opportunity to: Go solar without installing solar panels on your roof or property. Everyone who pays their own electric bill, including renters and co-op/condo owners, can participate in a community solar project.

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Click here to view Local Law #3 of the year 2019.
A Local Law Regulating Solar Energy Facilities within the Town.

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Battery Energy Storage System Law

For more information, please contact the Town Code Enforcement Officer Mike McQuade

[email protected]