Assessor’s Office
Cindy Brand, Assessor

Monday – Friday:  8:30am – 4:00pm

Available to the Public
8:30am – 12:00pm on Monday, Tuesday & Friday
Field Work in the afternoon
1:00pm – 4:00pm – Wednesday & Thursday
Field Work in the morning

Municipal Building
60 Main Street, Canton, NY 13617
Phone: 315-386-2595   |   Fax: 315-386-4641
Email: [email protected] 

The Assessor is a local government official, qualified by New York State Office of Real Property Services. The Assessor maintains the municipality’s assessment role, which contains a physical description and value calculation of every parcel. The value is utilized as a component in the tax bill calculations along with local, county, state and school district tax rates. The property inventory is available for inspection by appointment before the filing of tentative assessment role.
Assessment Rolls2024 Final Assessment Roll
2023 Final Assessment Roll
Exemption FormsResidential Property Exemptions:
Volunteer Firefighters/Workers Exemption (RP-466) (PDF)
Enhanced STAR Exemption Application (RP-466) (PDF) – for property purchased BEFORE March 1, 2015
Enhanced STAR – Income Verification Program (RP-425_IVP) (PDF)
Income for STAR Purposes Worksheet (RP-425-Wkst) (PDF)
Alternative Veterans Exemptions (RP-458-a) (PDF)
Alternative Veterans Instructions (RP-458-INS) (PDF)
Cold War Veterans Exemption (RP-458-b) (PDF)
Cold War Veterans Instructions (RP-458-b-INS) (PDF)
Persons With Disabilities and Limited Income (RP-459-c) (PDF)
Physically Disabled Instructions (RP-4459-c-INS) (PDF)
Agricultural Assessment Exemption w/ Instruction (RP-305) (PDF)
Written Lease Affidavit (RP-305-c) (PDF)
Agricultural Assessment Exemption Renewal (RP-305-r) (PDF)
Capital Improvement Exemption (RP-421-f) (PDF)
Capital Improvement Exemption Instructions (RP-421-INS) (PDF)

Senior Citizen Exemptions 
Senior Citizen Exemption (RPTL-467) (PDF)
Senior Citizen Exemption Instructions (RP-467-INS) (PDF)
Senior Citizen Exemption Renewal (RP-467-RNW) (PDF)

You may apply for the Senior Citizen Exemption (RPTL-467) only if your income is within the following limits:

St. Lawrence County, Town of Canton
Base Income Maximum Income
$20,000 (Sliding Scale 5%) $28,399.99

Canton School District Income Limits 
Base Income Maximum Income
$11,700 (Sliding Scale 10%) $19,199.99

Village Income Limits 
Base Income Maximum Income
$20,000 (Sliding Scale 5%) $28,399.99

**Note: Renewal forms are sent each year to current recipients by the assessors office.

Commercial Property Exemptions:
(The Town of Canton’s Grievance Day is the 4th Tuesday in May each year)
Click here on How to Schedule and Prepare for the Board of Assessment Review

Complaint on Real Property Assessment for 20 (RP-524) (PDF)
Complaint Application Instructions (RP-524-INS) (PDF)
Contesting Your Assessment in New York State (Pub1114) (PDF)
Change of Address Form
Click here for form (PDF)
NYS Publication – Handouts for the PublicClick here for link
Assessment Calendar
1. Valuation Date
Valuation Date is the date upon which the value of your property is based.
Valuation Date is July 1 of the prior year (For instance, assessments on the 2011 assessment roll are based on the value of property as of July 1, 2010.)
2.Taxable Status Date
  1. March 1st of each year
  2. Due date for real property tax exemption applications
  3. Assessments are based on the property’s condition and ownership as of Taxable Status Date and the value of property on Valuation Date
  4. On or around this date, assessment change notices are sent to property owners in municipalities conducting reassessments.
3.Tentative Roll Date
  1. May 1st of each year
  2. Tentative assessment roll is made available to the public.
  3. Within ten days:
    1. Assessment rolls must be available on the municipal or county website.
    2. Assessment increase notices must be sent to affected property owners.
  4. You should check your assessment soon after Tentative Roll Date
4.School Budget Voting Day
  1. 3rd Tuesday in May
  2. All residents are eligible to vote.
5.Grievance Day
  1. Board of Assessment Review will meet on the 4th Tuesday in May
  2. If you contest your assessment, you must file your grievance application on or before this date.
6.Final Roll Date
  1. Just 1st of each year
  2. If you grieved your assessment and did not receive the relief you requested, you can apply for judicial review of your assessment within 30 days following Final Roll Date
7.School Property Tax Bills
  1. Mailed in the beginning of September.
8.Municipal & County Property Tax Bills
Mailed in the beginning of January.
Image Mate Online - For Assessment and Parcel Data Link for St. Lawrence County
Click here for link 

Important Dates:
March 1st – Deadline for filing Exemptions
March 1st – Taxable Status Date
May 1st – Tentative Roll filed with Town Clerk
July 1st – Final Assessment Roll filed

Star Applicants Please Note:
SENIOR STAR must re-apply and prove income each year. (unless enrolled in IVP)
BASIC STAR do not need to re-apply.