The St. Lawrence County Seat

Memorial Day Tribute

May 23, 2020

Although our beautiful Village green will not be the final destination for our annual Memorial Day parade, filled with community members of all ages sporting various uniforms and proudly waving Old Glory.  And although we will not be graced with the traditional ceremony hosted by the VFW, complete with second graders performing the Pledge of Allegiance, speeches of gratitude, and wreaths laid in commemoration–we will remember.

We will remember our military who gave their lives to protect our country throughout our nation’s history.  We will remember the veterans who made so many sacrifices to serve our country.  We will remember those in the military who continue to serve our nation both domestically and overseas.  We remember and thank you!  

As a tribute to Memorial Day, Sam Fadden, Hugh C. Williams Class of 2020 offers this rendition of the national anthem.  Thank you Sam, and congratulations to you and your classmates.

May all in our community stay healthy and safe.  Here is to the day when we can walk in a parade and gather in the park as a community to celebrate and remember.

Michael Dalton, Mayor
Mary Ann Ashley, Supervisor

Last modified: May 23, 2020

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