The St. Lawrence County Seat

About the Canton Village Police Department

To fulfill our mission statement, the Department offers a range of professional services through a dedicated, well-trained, professional staff.  We offer the services indicative of a modern, progressive police department.  Services range from computerized crime analysis and accident scene reports to drug enforcement programs with officers available for a variety of speaking engagements.


The Canton Village Police Department is committed to excellence in service to the community.  Each day we offer professional police services to our resident and student population of approximately 7,000.  We also serve a large daily influx of citizens from other communities who work in the Village of Canton or seek the services and entertainment offered by the Village.


In 1993 the Canton Village Police Department was the 62nd police department in the State to be accredited by The New York State Accreditation Council.  The standards of the Canton Village Police Department are among the highest in the State and our officers among the best trained.  Our community and the level of police service that we all benefit from can best prosper by your support of the standards, by commendation, recommendation, question or complaint.