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Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program

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Community Choice Aggregation – an alternative power source option for NYS residents

Climate change realities have inspired a number of New York State towns and villages to consider a power source option referred to as Community Choice Aggregation. It entails changing the source of their electrical power from the standard utility (National Grid in the case
of St Lawrence County communities) to an all renewable option, by signing up with one of several companies that have organized to provide this alternative, all renewable power source and helps them purchase this power collectively, at the best market rate available. If a community chooses to engage this option, billing is still done by the utility (so only one bill). Residents will have the ability to opt out of this change at the start, or at any time later. Here are some links that explain the CCA process.

CCA general information from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

Joule Community Power

December 29, 2022

Village of Canton Community Power Program

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program – Updated Timeline

Date Posted: December 29, 2022

The Village of Canton is continuing to educate the public on the Village of Canton Community Power program. This community choice aggregation (CCA) program would enable the Village of Canton to provide eligible residents and small businesses with the benefits of renewable electricity supply.

Formed in partnership with Joule Community Power, a division of Joule Assets, Inc., Village of Canton Community Power is a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program that enables the Village to pool local electricity demand in order to leverage the collective buying power of their residents and small businesses in an effort to secure more favorable terms on their energy supply, protect consumers, and support renewable generation sources.

Timeline Update

More municipalities are joining the upcoming bid. In spring 2023, the Village will be presented with prices and the option to select between a fixed-rate or a variable-rate offer. Market conditions, including price volatility and the need to maximize the availability of renewable electricity supply may lead to the variable-rate offer providing the best value to residents and small businesses.

If the Village selects a supplier and offering, all eligible residents and small businesses will be notified by letter in spring/summer 2023 of the details, their choices and how to opt-out. Participants can opt-out or opt back into the program at any time with no penalty by phone or online form. By participating in the program, residents and small businesses can access competitively priced electricity supply with no individual contract.

Additional public information sessions will be scheduled over the next two months.  These sessions will provide general information, explain the benefits of participation by our residents and small businesses, and answer your questions.

Additional information sessions will occur in 2023 if the Village signs a contract for CCA electricity supply. Information on upcoming information sessions can be found here:

For more information about the Village of Canton Community Power program, please visit, call the helpline at (888) 985-2211 or email the program administrator, Joule, at [email protected].

There will be numerous public meetings in early 2023 and opportunity for questions and public comment.

You may also submit comment to Village Trustee Klaus Proemm.
[email protected]