Welcome to the Town of Canton!  

I am proud to share information on our local governance teams, legal responsibilities and departmental duties.  The Town of Canton has a little over 11,000 residents and approximately 100 miles of transportation infrastructure.  We are one of 32 towns, considered by NYS as a Class A town and geographically the largest town in the county.  There are two villages (Canton and Rensselaer Falls) within our town and the Village of Canton is the host community for St. Lawrence County.  We have a $3.8 million dollar budget, seven town departments and an overall total of 26 employees (full and part time).  The Town has 9 elected officials-Town Supervisor, Town Council(4), Town Clerk, Town Highway Superintendent, Town Justice (2).  There is one CSEA Highway Labor contract and a non-contract employee policy.  The Town Council governance structure is committee based including citizen committees. 

Our hard working town departments consist of Assessor, Clerk, Code Enforcement,
Court, Highway, Historian and Supervisor. We are unique in the fact that we have shared service agreements with the Village of Canton for Assessor, Court, Economic Development, grant administration(s), Historian, municipal building, senior citizens and Recreation services.  
The Town holds independent contracts for accounting purposes, dog control and legal councils.  We also have a volunteer Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Assessment Review, and Canton Community Resource Corporation.

The Town Supervisor position is the Chief Elected Official of the Town of Canton.  The position is a four year term and is technically considered a part time position with no benefits.  However, the work demand is full time and the 2024 compensation is $17,534.  As the Chief Executive Officer, the Town Supervisor is responsible for the administration of Town government, as well as Chief Financial Officer.  The NY State Comptroller has provided a guide (PDF) which can be helpful in understanding the responsibilities of town officials.  The duties of the Town Supervisor include the overall administration of daily functions, fiscal responsibility, budget preparation and control; all Human Resources duties, implementation of all town council decisions; execution of all contracts and agreements on behalf of the town as authorized by the town council.  The Supervisor is the Chair of the Town Council and an equal voting member.  Legally, the overall fiduciary responsibility of all town governance rests on the Town Council as a whole.