Town Boards And Committees

Supervisor: Four-Year Term, Elected (Term Ends)
Mary Ann Ashley (12/31/25)

Town Board: Four-Year Term, Elected
The Town Board is composed of 4 council members and one town supervisor. Each council member is elected and serves a 4-year term, including the town supervisor.

The Town Board is the governing body of the Town. They represent town residents in collective decision making of local government. The Town Council enacts local laws, adopts and oversees the town’s budget and expenditures, oversees town-wide planning and zoning.

They meet on the second Wednesday of each month. See the Town Calendar for details. Council meetings are open to the public unless the Council votes to adjourn to Executive Session. A Public Comment period is at the end of the meetings. Members of the public may speak to the Council on any matter of interest to the Town of Canton. Members of the public are invited to Town Council meetings and encouraged to participate in town government. 

Town Board Members:
Jim Smith (12/31/25)
John Taillon (12/31/25)
Randy Brown (12/31/27)
Wayne Cuthbert (12/31/2024)

Legal Services
Pease & Gustafson, LLP
Roemer Wallens Gold & Mineaux, LLP
Buchan & Sutter, P.C.

Board Committees
Audit: Cuthbert/J. Smith (Odd Months), Taillon/Brown (Even Months)
Broadband: Taillon
Economic Development/BOA: Cuthbert/Brown*
Municipal Building: Ashley/Taillon
Highway: J. Smith/Taillon
Insurance: Ashley/J. Smith
Justice: Brown/Taillon
Negotiations: Ashley/J. Smith
Policy: Ashley/Cuthbert
Recreation: Brown/Taillon*
Shared Services: Ashley/Brown*
Planning/Code/Solar: J. Smith/Brown 
Sustainability (liaison): Ashley*
Trails/Complete Streets: Brown*
Waterfront Advisory (liaison): Cuthbert*
Technology & Communications: Taillon/Brown*

* indicates Town/Village Joint Committees

Board of Ethics