The St. Lawrence County Seat

Complete Streets: Summary of Projects

Completed Projects

  • Installation of the Bike Fixit Station in Village Park – COMPLETED SUMMER 2017
  • Removal of parking spaces along Park St.—SOME DONE SUMMER 2017
  • Installation of Expression Swing along Remington Trail – COMPLETED 2017 ; renovations completed 2020.
  • Bicycle Lanes on Main St. Bridge – Reducing vehicular lane width on Main St. bridge to provide for bicycle lanes with a buffer ; NYSDOT COMPLETED restriping along with bridge surface reconstruction. Bicycle “sensing” areas provided to trigger signal lights. COMPLETED 2019
  • Park Street Pedestrian Crossing – Installing a safer crosswalk that includes pedestrian activated flashing led signs. COMPLETED 2019
  • Remington Recreational Trail – Information and safety signage project identifying The Canton Trail. COMPLETED 2020

Current Projects

  • The Canton Connector – Establishing a pedestrian corridor to link the village to the commercial core
  • Bicycle Parking – Parking structures to be installed between Bank and Jrecks, and at the Price Chopper
  • Village roadway striping – Center line striping on Sullivan Dr., Judson St., Park St., Miner St. To be completed not later than Spring 2021.
  • Miner Street improvements and rebuilding – Major roadway realignment of the Village portion of Miner St. is underway from Clark St. to the Grasse River Bridge. Repaving completed 2020. Further crosswalk and pavement striping to be completed Spring 2021.
  • Miner Street Road – Significant rebuilding of this corridor from the Grasse River Bridge to Taylor Park. Roadway to be widened to include 5’ paved shoulders and various safety features including speed limit warning devices. National Grid utility poles to be reset to accommodate the roadway widening. Preliminary culvert work completed 2019; Roadway rebuilding to be done Spring 2021.
  • Judson St safety improvements – Center line and shoulder striping to be completed by Spring 2021. Improved crosswalks and warning lights to be added at various intersections. In cooperation with the County, improved bus parking at the Social Services building to be completed, along with pavement striping. To be completed Spring 2021.

Proposed Projects


  • State Street Multi-Use Path – Installing a multi-use path for all forms a pedestrian and limited non-motorized vehicle traffic that extends from Riverside to the High School.
  • East Main Street Crossings – Improving existing crosswalks on E. Main, installing one new crosswalk on E. Main across from SLU, NCPR building with flashing LED signs. This would be in tandem with reducing the speed limit of E. Main street.


  • Main St
    o NYSDOT signal light calibration
    o Bicycle “trigger” markings at intersections
    o Left turn marking for Riverside Drive from USH 11
    o Bicycle “hoops” for parking meters
    o Follow-up installation by NYSDOT of pedestrian crossing markers/lights at Hillside crossing
    o NYSDOT signal light calibration & bicycle trigger markings
    o In cooperation with Town of Canton, shoulder markings – sharrows – pedestrian and cycling
  • Park St.
    o Restore lane/sharrow markings from RR tracks to edge of Village
  • Village Park and Park Place
    o Installation (or at least repaint and sign) handicap parking space(s)
  • Park Street and Park Place
    o Revision of Proposal to modify traffic flow & parking

The Canton Connector

A path linking the Village, St. Lawrence University, and Canton’s shopping center

Aerial view of the path as it passes behind Rite Aid, SeaComm, and the Mountain Mart

Anticipated Project Benefits

  • Enhance pedestrian safety – by installing a crosswalk with LED flashing signs and a multi-use path
  • Connect the residential core to the shopping centers – allowing pedestrians to safely bike or walk
  • Provide access to all residents – facilitating pedestrian traffic from both sides of East Main Street
  • Cultivate a pedestrian culture – by providing a corridor to safely walk and bicycle on
  • Reduce traffic hazards – by concentrating pedestrian crossings and providing a new route for cyclists
  • Increase community health – by providing a multi-use trail to safely recreate on

State Street Multi-Use Path

The State Street multi-use path is a concept explored in Canton’s Master Trail Plan (MTP), designed to provide a designated corridor for bi-directional pedestrian traffic along the north side of State Street. State Street connects Canton’s public school system with the village core, in addition to numerous residential communities. As such, State Street is a heavily trafficked pedestrian corridor, and the development of an off-road, multi-use trail will increase safety and accessibility for pedestrians, in addition to reducing conflicts and distractions for motorists.

Enhanced Pedestrian Main Street Crossings

Existing crosswalks on East Main street and Park Street are marginally safe for pedestrians attempting to cross. The visibility of pedestrians attempting to cross is hindered by wide shoulders, poor lighting, and inadequate signage. The implementation of push-button activated LED flashing signs (RRFBs) is the optimal solution for warning motorists of a crossing pedestrian, which will decrease pedestrian – motorist conflict, and increase the safety and confidence of pedestrians.

Bike Shelter Installation

The installation of bicycle shelters in the Village of Canton, as shown, will provide safe storage areas for bicycles, which will reduce the number of bicycles locked to random fixed objects (trees, railings, park furniture, etc.), and will enhance Canton’s cycling culture.