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Call to Help Reimagine Canton Recreation

November 9, 2020

In light of changes in the Recreation Department over the last several years, the Village/Town Recreation Committee is undertaking a comprehensive review process. The goal is to evaluate current/recent recreation resources and programming, assess community interests and needs, and make recommendations for how the Recreation Department can address those in the future.  We will be considering issues related to staffing, facilities, programming, and resources, in addition to general philosophy and direction.

Given the difficulty of convening large groups, we hope to assemble a working group of representatives of various recreation stakeholder groups. We will invite stakeholders with whom we work, and anyone else who is interested, to nominate people/volunteer to participate using this form. We will assemble a representative group from among nominations/volunteers, hold regular meetings, and encourage the stakeholder representatives to solicit input and ideas from their constituent groups as well as from neighbors and friends.

We would like to share information about this opportunity beginning Tuesday, November 10, in the local press, on our website, in social media, and among our stakeholders. We hope to identify the working group by Monday, November 23, and hold our first meeting during the first week of December. For the foreseeable future, all meetings will be held virtually.

Recreation Committee
Beth Larrabee, Village
Carol Pynchon, Village
Karin Blackburn, Town
Tim Danehy, Town





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