The St. Lawrence County Seat

Winter Snow Removal and Tree Pick Up

December 16, 2018

As the wintery weather comes and goes, the Village public works crew stays busy keeping roads and parking lots clear of ice and snow.

According to Village code, keeping sidewalks clear is the responsibility of the property owner. The Village does, however, have a sidewalk plow, and they clear sidewalks when time and workload allow.  “Our priority is roads and then parking lots,” explains Village Superintendent Brien Hallahan. “Once they are clear, we are able to work on sidewalks.” The crew focuses first on the sidewalks around State and Judson Streets – the walking routes to school – and moves out from there. For easy clearing and everyone’s safety, please keep sidewalks and driveway clear of obstructions.

Also, again this year, the Village will pick up Christmas trees for disposal. Please leave your tree by the front curb and the crews will pick them up as they are able

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Village Superintendent at (315)386-2871 x207 or

Last modified: December 20, 2018

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